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Organic Perlite for Indoor/Outdoor Plants - Horticultural Soil Amendment Additive Conditioner - Grow Media for Succulents • Orchids • Hydroponics

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      • 100% All-Natural Horticultural Perlite. Inert, pH-neutral, Sterile, Non-Toxic, clean and decorative. Beware of lower quality perlite with wild ph swings! Cz Garden Horticultural Perlite is guaranteed ph-neutral, stable, and safe to use in your Organic Garden. NO phosphates, NO Urea, NO Asbestos!
      • For Organic Growing - #1 Soil Amendment. Perlite can be found in 99% Potting Soil Mixes of commercial and home gardens. Prevents soil compaction, provides excellent aeration, drainage, and stability for plant roots. Create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive!
      • For Orchids - Perlite (Sponge Rock) has a porous structure that provides excellent drainage and aeration, which promotes root growth & climb.
      • RESEALABLE, EASY POUR PACKAGING: Cz Garden Horticultural Perlite are professionally packaged in an 4 Liter Heavy Duty resealable pouch designed for long term storage. Pour the necessary quantity with ease and store the rest for future use.
      • Cz Garden Organics is committed to developing Premium Grade custom soil amendment blends, fertilizers, and nutrients for your organic garden. Ya Dig? Germinate. Propagate. Cultivate.
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