Our story

In an ever-degrading climate and industrializing agriculture, we believe it’s time to go back to the roots of gardening and regain the power of the green backyard. Equipped with modern gardening tools and lots of fresh ideas, we aim at helping all of us achieve the greatest volume and highest quality of product possible.

Our only hope is that this place becomes a unique and resourceful medium for gardeners who want to share information and experiences and learn to regain their back yard! 



A family-based business with a passion for gardening.

A few years back, just before we left the noisy city to settle down in the countryside, we started a little gardening experiment for the fun of our elder son. At the time, we saw it as a simple game with cherry tomato seeds and lettuce seedlings. It was our way of teaching him the circle of life and the importance of healthy food. But it grew on us quickly. Soon enough our window cases bristled with all sizes of pots and jars filled with different types of vegetables and colorful geraniums, cacti, bergenias, and lavender.

Needless to say, our little balcony ‘garden’ was one of the most difficult corners to move to the outskirts of Nebraska, to our 1.5 acres estate.

Three years from that, and we’re now enjoying a flourishing garden with lots of fresh vegetables and a richly perfumed bed of flowers.

Later on, we focused on vertical gardens so we could save space. Also, by the time my eldest son turned 11, we even managed to find a place for his little fish pond.




Every plant matters.

Of course, it hasn’t always been all milk and honey. We’ve seen lots of our efforts go to waste. Lots of our herbs died before we could even guess what went wrong. So, in our search to salvage them we discovered that there’s more than sun and water we must take into consideration. Soil, soil amendments, and even pot materials were important for the plants we were growing.

Reading and lots of researching took us to many sleepless nights. And we’re sure there’s still a lot we have to learn about this hobby. So, even before we start to recommend you any of the great tools and products we found along the way, we want this website to become a fun, trustworthy, useful and resourceful place where gardeners all around the country can share information and find the much-needed help.

Cz Garden.

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