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Organic Orchid Potting Mix - Premium Grade Recipe for Proper Root Development - Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums and more! Fir Bark, Charcoal, Coconut Husk, Clay Pebbles

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    • Premium Grade Orchid Potting Mix - All Natural Orchid Potting Mix for planting or repotting a pleathora of orchids including Phalaenopsis, Cattleyas, Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Paphiopedilums, and All Epiphytic Orchids. Great for repotting root bound or nursery pot size store-bought orchids.
    • PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Fir Bark, Pine Bark, Horticulture Grade Coarse Biochar, Coarse Sponge Rock, Expanded Clay Pebbles, and Coconut Husk Chips.
    • BENEFITS: Promotes Root Growth & Climb, Provides Drainage & Aeration, Boosts Orchids Immune System, and Filters Toxins.
    • RESEALABLE, EASY POUR PACKAGING: Cz Garden Orchid Potting Mix is professionally packaged in a 2LB Heavy Duty resealable pouch designed for long term storage. Pour the necessary quantity with ease and store the rest for future use.
    • Cz Garden Organics is committed to developing Premium Grade custom soil amendment blends, fertilizers, and nutrients for your organic garden.
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