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Cz Float Valve Auto Top-Up Kit for Ponds

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    • PVC MINI FLOAT VALVE is just what you need to keep water supplied to your project. NO METAL PARTS = NO RUST/LEECHING. This is well designed and ruggedly built with tough PVC. You'll get great service from this float valve for a long time.
    • IDEAL FOR LOW GRAVITY FED SYSTEMS - Cz Auto Top-Up kit lets you connect a secondary header tank to your existing reservoir to automatically maintain water levels, nutrient and/or ph levels
    • JUST RIGHT FOR PONDS, AQUARIUMS, CHICKENS, LIVESTOCK WATER TROUGH. Keeps the water level right where it should be in your pond or aquarium. No more worries about a mechanism that gets stuck or corroded and overflows or fails to fill. Includes an adjustable arm for use on ponds, swimming pools, etc.
    • PERFECT FOR HYDROPONICS TANK RESERVOIR. Now you can get maximum growth and yield with the reliability and precision of this excellent Mini Float Valve. It's been engineered for trouble free operation so you can set it and forget it.
    • DESIGNED FOR LOW PRESSURE APPLICATIONS - Please keep your water pressure LOW or the tube may burst. An auto top up system will easily maintain required water levels under low pressure. ** HIGH PRESSURE WILL EVENTUALLY FAIL COMPONENTS **
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