• Q: Do I need additional fittings to connect the valve to my fish tank?

A: No, we’re shipping you the complete kit. Besides the floating valve, the package includes an adjustable arm for you to dial in the desired water level. Plus you get a 1/4″ fitting that you can use to attach to your supply tube. The parcel also features a 1/2″ NPT (aka National Pipe Thread) male connection with a standard washer, so it eliminates leaks.

Please do not overtighten it. Although the valve is made of premium PVC, the excess pressure may cause the material to crack.

  • Q: I need a floating valve that can resist in an outside fish pond all year round.

A: We guarantee the floating valve we’re offering is ideal for your purpose. It is made of hard PVC and will serve you for years to come, without corroding or rusting.

We’ll give your money back if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

  • Q: I’ve tried dozens of valves in my swimming pool, and they all got clogged very soon. How is your mechanism any different?

A: Our 'PVC mini float valve with adjustable arm' features an integrated strainer that prevents outside particles to clog. Plus there’s no metal in the mechanism so it won’t be affected by chlorine or other cleaning products you may use.

  • Q: What type of pump do I need to connect to this valve?

A: The floating valve does not require a pump. It is designed for low-pressure gravity systems and can be remotely controlled. No need for you to daily inspect the water level in your tank; it automatically tops up and maintains water in your system.

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