• Q: Can I cut the Fresnel lens to stick it over my car cam?

A: We do not recommend cutting the lens. It’s a converging lens; this means it concentrates the sun rays to a single focal point.

If you still want to try and cut it to fit your camera, we suggest using the centerpiece of the lense.

  • Q: Can I stick the Fresnel lens on my car’s rear window? I heard it increases the viewing area.

A: There are countless uses for this Fresnel lens, one of them being, indeed, to almost double the visible area and assist you in parallel and reverse parking, with no blind spots. Use water to stick it to your rear window.

Our high-quality PVC Fresnel lens is suitable for any car, be it a commercial truck, SUV, or van. It’s washable and reusable.

  • Q: How long it takes to start a fire with this lens?

A: Depending on the strength of the sunlight and the material you want to set on fire, it may take somewhere between several seconds and 5 minutes. Paper, for instance, fires up faster than cardboard or wood. 

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